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Műszaki könyvtár

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Guide to insulation testing above 1kV
This guide discusses the causes of insulation degradation on >1kV power cables, and the process of measuring degradation before a fault can develop. The guide also recommends the best equipment to use with reference to IEEE standards.
Megjelent: 11 október 2021
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Power quality brochure
Both natural and man-made drivers are spurring not only technological growth but are changing the nature of the electric grid. Concerns over global warming are only being compounded by the continuing billion dollar weather events. This is acting as a catalyst for the green reform and being realized in the growth of distributed generation (DG).
Megjelent: 16 március 2021
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Case study: NB DFR on HV CVTs
Reducing the risk of failure on high voltage instrument transformers in the transmission system using the application of narrowband dielectric frequency response (NB DFR) on HV CVTs.
Megjelent: 10 március 2021
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Transzformátor-vizsgáló berendezések
Töltse le a Transzformátor-vizsgáló berendezéseinket bemutató katalógusunkat, és ismerje meg az erre a területre ajánlott korszerű vizsgálókészülékeinket!
Megjelent: 1 február 2021
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Measuring cable impedance with SVERKER900
This is an easy solution to measure the impedance values for cables, the values are used for calculation of compensation factor in distance protection.The compensation factor is first theoretically calculated and these values can now be compared with the measured values.
Megjelent: 14 december 2020
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Preventive maintenance of rolling stock
The test and maintenance of electrical components on rolling stock is not an easy job to do. Some maintainers dismount some of the parts and bring them to a central location for revision and maintenance. This is a cumbersome and time consuming exercise. In many cases, the electrical parts are replaced only when they break down and are not subject to periodical testing. This of course holds a risk as some parts, e.g. circuit breakers, are crucial for safety reasons.
Megjelent: 3 november 2020
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SVERKER900 brochure
The brochure for the SVERKER900 relay and multifunctional substation test system
Megjelent: 29 október 2020
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Testing self-powered relays with SVERKER900
 Self-powered relays will be animportant component for the protection of the smart grid.While they allow reducingthe cost of the protection system, they are definitely a challenge for relay test sets, that are required to provide the voltage and current signals to simulate the power system fault, but also the generatedsignals need to have necessary electric power to supply the protection relay.SVERKER 900 is designed to manage this task and this Technical Guide describes how two self-powered relays can be tested.This document guides through the testing of two self-powered overcurrent relaysfrom SEG GmbH (formerly Woodward), WIC-1 and WIP-1, with the relay test set SVERKER 900, for commissioning/maintenance purposes.The Technical Guide details on the principles adopted in the testing with reference to relevant IEC standards and to the relay manuals. In addition,basic instructions on the correct usage of the testing possibilities offered by SVERKER 900are described
Megjelent: 16 október 2020
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IDAX300 és VAX020 esettanulmány (angol)
The Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) is an Indian state-owned company headquartered in Gurugram (North India) engaged mainly in Trans-mission  of  Power  and  transmits  about  50%  of  the  total  power  generated  in  India  on  its  transmission  network.  The  company  owns  and  operates  about  1,61,790  circuit  kms  of  transmission  lines  at  800/765 kV,  400 kV,  220 kV  &  132 kV EHVAC and +500 kV HVDC levels and 248 sub-stations. Also, it has the transformation capacity of about 396 825 MVA as of 30th November 2019.
Megjelent: 26 augusztus 2020
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