OTS kiegészítő szett

OTS kiegészítő szett

  • New competitive vessel and stirrer kit.
  • Adds low volume testing capability.
  • Increased flexibility with additional impeller options.
  • Maximises the benefits of OTS range.

To help you select everything you need to get the maximum benefit from from you oil test set; this new kit includes everything you need to get reliable test results.The kit represents a simple, and cost effective optional accessory. 

What's in the kit, and what's the benefits?

400 ml vessel

  • Shatter proof
  • Carefully selected materials for accurate results

150 ml vessel

  • In applications where insulating oil is not circulating in use
  • Limits oil sample volume drained from small equipment

Standard Megger impeller

  • Tried and tested providing the very best in moisture detection

Additional items supplied at no additional cost to the customer:

ASTM and IEC minimum requirement impellers

  • One impeller fully optimised to the ASTM standard
  • One impeller fully optimised to the IEC standard

Stirrer vessel lid

  • Low mess solution to prevention air contact to circulating oil
  • Easy pour, again reducing spillage of carcinogenic oils
  • Easy power connection without fiddly cable and connector

The Megger guide to insulating oil dielectric breakdown testing

  • Provides useful hints and tips on how to obtian reliable test results
  • In a FAQ format to quickly get to the information you need
  • Reference to useful standards

OTS vessel preperation application note

  • Provides tips for preparation and elimination of the effects of moisture and contamination

All supplied in a durable protective Megger carry case

  • Easily transports test essentials
  • Keeps test vessels clean and safe