Szigetelőolaj-átütésvizsgáló szettek

Teljesen automatikus szigetelőolaj-átütésvizsgáló szettek

Megger’s range of automatic oil test sets performs accurate breakdown voltage tests on mineral, ester and silicone insulating liquids. Common across the range precision, shatter proof test vessels are easy to clean and provide repeatable results, whether they are used in the field or laboratory featuring lock in precision electrode gap setting adjustment wheels. The transparent, shielded lid and large test chamber allows easy access to the test vessel, enabling users to see what is happening within the test chamber.

All of the current test standards worldwide are preloaded in the instrument for convenient automatic operation, and in addition there are 3 custom tests that can be configured by the user. Update to standards can be installed on the OTS where new updated files are then downloaded by the user and installed into the test instrument via a USB memory stick / flash drive.

Test results are identified either by a serial number or asset ID and are time and date stamped. The Megger asset and data management software, PowerDB Lite, is provided at no extra cost providing an excellent tool for downloading and printing results.

An internal printer provides a hard copy of results. Ink based printout ensures durability at all temperatures. USB flash drive for easy transfer of test results, external USB printer and on the AF model a barcode scanner. User safety is paramount and Megger have designed independent and dual redundant high voltage cut-off circuitry to ensure safety. During a test the operator can terminate by pressing any button on the keyboard which will remove high voltage immediately and abort the test. The transparent lid provides ample visibility within the chamber yet is protected and electrically shielded by a screen with multiple links to instrument ground.

OTS PB models

These 60 kV and 80 kV oil test sets are small and the lightweight with weight ranging from 16.8 kg to 23.5 kg depending on model selected. An optional carry bag and transport case can be purchased separately. The carry bag has pouches for electrode accessory pack, leads, quick user guide, paper roll etc. these units are supplied mains powered with battery operation for additional flexibility in portable applications. All OTS PB are fitted with NiMH batteries as standard and in addition, an internal 12 V DC charger and vehicle adaptor cable is supplied as standard.

OTS AF models

These 60 kV, 80 kV and 100 kV models have much a larger test chamber for even easier access and cleaning, particularly useful in a lab environment. They are fitted with a 12 key alpha-numeric keypad to facilitate entry of test ID, file names, notes etc. Alpha characters are entered by repetitive pressing on a key. The AF models also have the ability to use a USB barcode reader to scan oil sample barcode labels, ideal for better integration with a LIM system.

  • Legújabb IEC-szabványok: IEC60156-2018 és IEC60156-2018 "A" melléklet
  • Legújabb kínai szabvány: GBT 507-2002
  • Kis súly: 16,8 kg-tól, OTS PB 60 kV-os és 80 kV-os változat
  • Hordozható (OTS PB) és laboratóriumi készülék (OTS AF), 60 kV és 100 kV között
  • Nagy pontosságú elektródatávolság-beállítás
  • Nagy fényerejű, 3.5”-os, színes kijelző
  • Ásványi, észter és szilikon eredetű szigetelőolajokhoz
  • Kimenő feszültség és átütési áram kijelzése
  • Ultragyors (< 10 µs) HV kapcsolási idő
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Quick start
User guide - OTS100AF, OTS80AF and OTS60AF
OTS Test Standards


The attached file will update all the test standards of your OTS to the latest versions. Do not change the file name or it will not work. Please follow the instructions below:-


1. Extract the attached file (stdSeqs.db) to a USB memory stick


2. Insert the memory stick into the Type A USB port on the front panel of the OTS (or the Type A USB port on the rear of the OTS)


3. On the OTS, navigate to the Tools menu with the Hammer & Wrench symbol


4. Scroll down and select Manage test standards


5. On the next screen select Update Standards (USB) and the instrument will upload the new file from the USB stick.


6. The instrument will now have the latest standards installed ready to use.
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