The world is changing and the energies which power our daily lives are changing too. Future demand for new and cleaner forms of power, including how we use them, requires a more agile, open minded, innovative, future looking, even star-gazing approach. Thinking about the yet unthought has formed a significant part of Megger’s lifelong work. Some may say it’s “our obsession”.

For over 100 years our dedication to providing leading edge electrical test and diagnostic solutions has been matched only by our devotion to the world’s technicians, engineers and energy professionals who use our products. For us, their ability to excel in what they do every day, is our new challenge. Our plans for the next five years are more ambitious than at any time in Megger’s history.

We are presently on track to double the size of our company by 2021, which is one outcome of a multi-facetted growth strategy which will see us extend our global influence into new markets, achieve greater product penetration in existing ones and introduce more ground breaking and novel products that make our customers’ lives even easier and safer.