Alkalmazási lehetőségek

Kábelhibahely-keresés, feszültségvizsgálat, kábeldiagnosztika

Megger provides you with accurate and reliable cable test and diagnostic information to inform and validate your decision making around the maintenance of your power cable network.

  • The tests we enable include:
  • Cable fault location
  • DC and AC insulation testing
  • VLF testing
  • Sheath testing
  • Partial discharge analysis, mapping, and test services
  • Time domain reflectometry
  • Tan delta/power factor diagnostics
  • Withstand testing

Protection relays and systems

Protection relays and systems - Megger simplifies the mandatory validation and testing of network operations. Whether you are testing legacy electro-mechanical or modern IEC 61850 networked devices our products output the high power you need, while still being portable for real world testing. Tests that we enable include:

  • Complex 3-phase testing
  • Single phase testing
  • Primary and secondary injection testing


Megger offer configurable, bespoke solutions to ensure you can determine a circuit breaker’s mechanical and electrical condition without the need for costly or disruptive dismantling, whether it be low voltage or high voltage. Tests that we enable include:

  • Contact resistance
  • Timing
  • Motion
  • Dynamic resistance
  • Vibration
  • DualGroundTM MethodTMTM

Transzformátor-vizsgálat és diagnosztika

With the broadest range of transformer test equipment in the industry, Megger enables you to prevent failure and manage the lifecycle of your most costly asset by performing a full assessment of your transformers’ health. Tests that we enable include:

  • Winding resistance
  • Turns ratio measurement
  • Oil condition tests
  • Dynamic resistance tests
  • Sweep frequency response analysis
  • Dielectric frequency response measurement
  • Partial discharge test services

Kisfeszültségű villamos mérőkészülékek

Megger was founded on its insulation testing products, with the first tester pioneered by Sydney Evershed over 130 years ago. Still to this day, our equipment will stand up to the challenging, real-world environments, operating safely to protect operators, while saving time and costs. Tests that Low voltage installations include:

  • Insulation testing
  • Continuity testing
  • Loop impedance
  • RCD protection
  • Ground/Earth testing
  • PAT testing

General electrical testing

Megger offers a large catalogue of general-purpose test instruments that serve across a range of applications. Each instrument has been designed to work where and when you work, to make life simple and help you perform at your best. General electrical testing include:

  • 5, 10 and 15 kV insulation resistance
  • Low resistance and continuity
  • Power quality
  • Online and offline partial discharge
  • Battery load test and cell impedance

Motor-, és generátorvizsgálat

Megger’s range of static and dynamic motor/generator analysers can quickly assess the condition of the motor and its windings, and make a significant contribution to all cost effective, condition based maintenance programmes.

  • Tests we enable include:
  • Stator and rotor winding insulation
  • Surge test
  • Winding resistance
  • Load tests
  • On and offline testing
  • Power quality