PowerSuite® Pro-Lite

Basic 17th Edition and PAT certification software

  • 17th Edition and PAT certification software
  • Easy, fast and flexible
  • Work in real certificates and forms
  • Download results from Megger testers
  • The essential IET certification supported
  • Client manager to organise your customers

Whether you complete electrical test forms by hand or use downloading test equipment, the pain of completing forms can be dramatically reduced by using a software package, and printing your documents. Results are much quicker, carry fewer errors associated with hand writing, and are professional in appearance.

Powersuite Professional is the next generation of Megger software replacing the existing Megger Powersuite packages, designed for the management of test results from electrical testing and PAT testing, including client management, automatic form filling and printing.

PowerSuite Pro-Lite is the simplest package in the Professional range and offers the ideal solution as a cost effective entry into electrical test software, essential for managing 17th Edition and PAT test results, with the guarantee that the package can be upgraded as your requirements expand.

*Please Note* - PowerSuite Professional is only fully compatible up to and including the Windows 7 OS.